Our Team Focuses on creativity. 


I'm graduated as Graphic Media Designer who always focus on what the clients really need to get the best results for their business.


My main role is to offer creativity and engagement for all kind of designs; wether is a logo, an illustration or a typography that needs to deliver a strong message in a professional and smart way.


Filmmaker and photographer based between Iceland and Colombia; having experience with a wide range of audiovisual formats such as TV series, movies, music videos, commercials and digital content; capable of create the content that will suit your needs. I enjoy my work while designing the light, composition and interacting with the people, as well the editing part where all takes becomes one.


Checkout my feed @Maximusjimmy


International Business Professional & Digital Marketing Developer,  I consider myself as a great listener always looking for solutions, I am very curious and an innovative person who likes to research about new tools to promote products and services on a better way, in  my experience on business, I´ve understood about the right use of invested capital in order to optimize money and don´t waste resources.


 I love to do strategies to sale and see how, with a right plan it´s posible to achieve the best public for a brand, it really appasionates me!

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